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Right Angle Worm Drives for Band Saw Applications

Ellis Bandsaw Gearbox

The Ellis bandsaw gearbox was specially designed to take the high overhung loads produced when the blade is tensioned.

  • Right Angle Worm Drives for Band Saw Applications
  • Ellis Band Saw Gearbox Replacement

Tractor Teststand Gearbox

We developed a two speed tractor teststand gearbox to handle up to 500 Hp. diesel engines with a pressure lube system to cool and lubricate the drive.

  • Two-Speed Teststand Transmission for Speeds up to 7,500 RPM
  • Gearbox For Tractor Teststands
  • Transmission For Tractor Teststands
Tractor Teststand Gearbox

Bridgeport Torq-Cut Transmission

Bridgeport Torq-Cut Transmission

We developed the patented shiftable Bridgeport Torq-Cut transmission. We are rebuilding these promptly.

  • High-Speed Transmission with Air Shifting for Machining Center
  • Applications
  • Rebuilt Transmission for Bridgeport Torqcut