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Golfcourse Mower Gearbox

Golfcourse Mower Gearbox

We are developing a golf course mower gearbox where we increase the ratio substantially and keep the unit interchangeable with the present unit.

NDE Mixer Gearbox

We can supply an NDE mixer gearbox which is driven by the tractor PTO and is either a direct drive through the gearbox or can be shifted to supply more torque at a lower speed.

  • Two Speed Transmission for Feed Mixer Applications
  • Replacement Gearbox for NDE Vertical Mixer
NDE Mixer Gearbox

Aqua-Aerobics Aerator Gearbox

Aqua-Aerobics Aerator Gearbox

We were able to provide cost reduction as well as weight reduction for the Aqua-Aerobic aerator gearbox.

  • Single Reduction Helical Gearmotor for Aeration Applications